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Posh Virtual Wedding Invitation Card 2021 «Floral Lights» Editable Template
Wedding Invitation card template 2021 (with editable text and animation) gold engagement rings, blue flowers, envelope and text on lustrous white background - Picture
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Posh Virtual Wedding Invitation Card 2021 «Floral Lights» Editable Template

Section: Wedding
id: WED-13
Price: 2.99 $

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A posh, virtual Wedding Day Invitation Card 2021. The basis of this composition is a slightly blurred background of light shades. In the background you can see a festive envelope with the golden sealing wax, the stunning blue hyacinths and twinkling at a distance lights, creating pleasant warm feelings. In the upper part of the invitation, on a floral patterned substrate, there is a congratulatory inscription done in gold. And a little higher we see two wedding rings symbolizing fidelity and eternal love. The finishing touches of the composition are bright yet delicate corners and a sapphire color frame, which successfully complement the overall color palette of this delicate card and give it the sense of harmony and integrity.

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