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Opulent Ornate Maroon Wedding Invitation Template 2021 «Lustrous Celebration»
Dusty Red Wedding Invitation card template 2021 (with editable text and animation) textured background, gold chains, diamonds and precious stones - Image
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Opulent Ornate Maroon Wedding Invitation Template 2021 «Lustrous Celebration»

Section: Wedding
id: WED-42
Price: 4.99 $

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An ornate, opulent Wedding Invitation Card 2021. The basis of this composition is a deep, textured maroon background. There is a variety of opulent jewels on it: lustrous diamonds and precious stones, shining gold chains and sparkling golden glitter. On the top you can see an elegant "Wedding" inscription, complemented by "Invitation" word on a dark burgundy brush-stroke right below. The center and the bottom of the layout are filled with editable invitation text, where you can specify the names of the newlyweds and the date of the ceremony. The finishing touch of this composition is ornate golden divider, which successfully fit into the general color palette and give this invitation a special flavor and sense of integrity.

Maximum resolution: 1748 x 2480 px
File types: .jpeg
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