Merry Christmas
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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year greeting cards: modern template designs 2020. Click on text to edit: type your greetings, wishes, recipient’s name or sign your own as a sender. Send cards with animated musical effects or just as images directly to Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram and Viber. You can also download a layout for printing, if you want to gift a card in person.
Merry Christmas Cards (Images, Photos, Gif & Video eCards) 2020 Merry Christmas Cards (Images, Photos, Gif & Video eCards) 2020 Merry Christmas Cards (Images, Photos, Gif & Video eCards) 2020
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Greeting Cards 2020
Christmas is truly a magical phenomenon. The magic is not because another 12 months on the calendar have passed. Not because the Earth once again flew around the Sun. And surely it is not because you need to extend your insurance. We ourselves do the magic! We! The Humans! Around us there is a struggle for resources and territories, the borders of the states are being altered, whole regimes and rulers are being changed. But every year, the gifts still appear under the Christmas tree, people who are close to each still get together, and the atmosphere of celebration and warmth reigns in the air anyway. There are billions of people all over the world coming together to take part in this mission. They mean to leave all grievances and failures behind and take only the best things into the New Year. They plan to start a new book of 365 pages and fill it in with colors and meaning. And, it might seem, a new book can be started on absolutely any day, but the New Year is a reminder for everyone, it is an occasion to reflect and look back at those events that occurred over the previous year. And if the passing year was a success for you, then this is an occasion to make the next one even better, to do more, live happier, love even stronger. After all, that’s us, who decide what energies to let into our lives. That is what they mean saying: if you do not have Christmas in your heart, you will never find it under the Tree. But in order to find it, you just need to look around. After all, despite the fact that December is no less gloomy and dark than October and November, something suddenly changes on the eve of the New Year in December. In shops and restaurants, on boulevards and streets, the flickering festive garlands are lit. You can see Christmas souvenirs and decorations everywhere. The snow in the streets no longer annoys, and on the contrary, it only adorns this wonderful picture, being that finishing touch to the art piece. It is as if something invisible is entering our lives and breathes in the feeling of joy and celebration and we only need to accept it and pass this festive mood to your friends, your relatives, your nearest and dearest. And the best way to do this is to congratulate them with charming motivating wishes and messages on a greeting card; or present them with suitable Christmas gifts that will be appropriate to their age, will appeal to them, and will match their interests.