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Opulent Christmas Card «Triumphal Celebration» 2021 for iPhone
Black & Gold Merry Christmas greeting card 2021 (with editable text and animation) ornate golden Season's Greetings inscription, black decorations - Image
1.5 $

Opulent Christmas Card «Triumphal Celebration» 2021 for iPhone

Section: Merry Christmas
id: MCH-82
Price: 1.5 $

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An opulent, lush Merry Christmas 2021 greeting card for iPhone. An interesting feature of this card is that there are sparkling Bengal lights neatly scattered along its perimeter creating a delightful framing. The main congratulatory inscription in baroque style is located on the bright golden background. A graceful figure of a black horse, which is complemented by two black patterned monograms by its sides, is below the inscription on a white brushstroke. All these elements are lying scattered on the black background that is full of traditional Christmas items. Among them there are Christmas ornaments, snowflakes, stars and candy canes. Due to its color gamut, this card will make a perfect congratulation for men – your father, your friend, your husband, or your boss.

Maximum resolution: 1748 x 2480 px
File types: .jpeg
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