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Classic Birthday Invitation Card «Business Blue» — Simple Evite 2021
Blue Birthday invitation card template 2021 (with editable text and animation) in official style with blue gifts and white feather - Image
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Classic Birthday Invitation Card «Business Blue» — Simple Evite 2021

Section: Happy Birthday
id: HBD-48
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A classic, simple Birthday Invitation Template 2021. This invitation is made in formal yet elegant style. It will surely be appropriate to use it in any circumstances: you can use it inviting someone to a restaurant or to a private outing in the country. The noble tints of cerulean color make the background. The vintage patterned frame and festive ribbons are of azure-blue color, the gift wrappings are of pastel cornflower color, the center of composition conveys the sky-blue hue. The dove-colored clouds are in the lower part of the card.  The finishing touch to the composition is given by the white feather harmoniously complementing the white inscription and the color palette on the whole.

Maximum resolution: 1748 x 2480 px
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